Often times in life we run into things that should be better.  It strikes us that these things could do more, be simpler, be more beautiful.  Software might be the worst offender of all.  I find myself noticing where care and consideration for the user and the business has just fallen short.  That frustrates me— so I counter by only leading teams that pursue absolute excellence in analyzing, designing and developing the most useful and usable software possible.

About Me

My career as a technology strategist and software product architect began in the midst of the dot-bomb, when I saw first-hand the importance of deeply understanding the problems that a software package or company was trying to solve.

Since then I've advised, led, and built for clients of all sizes, including major brands like American Express, Disney, P&G, and Sony, and leading agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, Razorfish, and Havas. (see: résumé) My specialties include executive and investor advising, business analysis of particularly complicated problems, facilitating collaboration between stakeholders / designers / engineers, and user interface specification.

Today I run PNDLM, a boutique, quality-bent, software product design and development firm that I founded in Portland in 2011. Under this banner I have brought together industry experts, best-in-class designers and engineers, and savvy investors to work on products that make our customers' and users' lives better, and make us excited to get up in the morning. Outside of work, my personal interests include philosophy, music, visual arts, fashion, and travel.


Launched Projects

PNDLM is a software product design and development firm with specialization in big data, software as a service web applications, and mobile applications. Through deep analysis and unusually considerate design, we build highly usable software that enables our customers to elegantly solve difficult problems and derive real meaning from their data. Headquartered in the Pearl District near downtown Portland, Oregon. Established December 2011.

In response to demand from customers and colleagues, I have established a separate company to host, monitor, and support high-performance, high-availability web applications, databases, and mobile application back-ends. What makes the company stand out is its customer service first, white glove approach, as opposed to a typical rented IT or infrastructure experience. Please contact me directly for more information on the company and its offerings. Established February 2013.


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